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Rules and Regulations

The institution endeavors to bring about an all-round personality development among its students with child-centered philosophy. Discipline should come from within, with a sense of freedom and commitment to personal responsibility.
  1. Regular attendance is compulsory. A minimum of 90% attendance of total working days is required falling short of which the student will not be allowed to give the exams.
  2. Running, playing, shouting or any other disturbance is not allowed in the college during class hours. All games and sports are to be played during the allowed times.
  3. The student must observe punctuality in arriving at school. A latecomer may not be allowed to enter the school or class. Continuous latecomers could be suspended.
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The prospectus along with the registration form is available in the college office. The principal reserves the right, without specifying any reason whatsoever for refusing admission. The children in all classes will be admitted depending on the seat available in each class.

Admissions to pre-primary are made according to the age of the child
Parents are required to submit the birth certificate of a child seeking admission in pre-primary class.