Director's Desk

Dear Parents,

It gives me immense pleasure to have an interactive interface with you through this communiqué. At the onset let me tell you that we all live for our children as they are the reflection of our future hopes and aspirations. It all begins with the small acorn or the seed about which, we have visibly scanty or no knowledge about its future appearance, capabilities, health& potentiality to become, and the phenomenon augers well for the children that you give us with great hopes and premonitions. In our pursuit of excellence, we emphasize on overall development by inculcating a feeling of togetherness, sharing &caring that epitomizes character and career-building through the process of education.

We nurse &nurture each and every child through a team of teachers that works incessantly with well-defined pedagogy to shape the career mold in consonance to talent and sum attribute of personality traits. The objective is to make the child self-reliant, confident and eventually to help him/her emerge successful and worthy citizen who can contribute towards strengthening the nation.

We, at Dabble College, not only strive to preach & practice ethical and moral values enswathed with cohesive disciplinary norms but also at the same time endeavor to make the stint of the child memorable learning experience.

With best of greetings
Mrs .R.S. Rizvi
(Founder -Director)
Dabble college