There are independent blocks for Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle, Secondary Higher, and secondary classes. Besides instilling academic excellence the school has a separate activity block for imparting skill-based activity education e.g. Woodcraft, best out of waste, Art & Craft Instrument & Vocal Music, Dance, Orchestra, Band, Clay & Sculpture Work (Jr. & Sr.)

Laboratories As education is based on observation and experimentation, the school has three full-sized and well-equipped laboratories of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Computer Lab The computer lab is equipped with a LAN system, Scanner, Digitizer, Multimedia with sound blasters, Internet facility with latest software packages for each standard.

Library Library is a self- learning institution considered as the temple of education. It plays a crucial role in the support system of education. We here boast of a well-equipped self-sufficient library with projector and audio-video facilities.

Auditorium The College can also boast of a huge auditorium with quality acoustics sophisticated sound room and stage with spotlights that have witnessed various workshops, seminars celebrations, and inter-school competitions.

Physical Education "Physical well-being is an essential part of human well-being." The college has a large playground where Cricket, Hockey, Football, Volley Ball, Tennis, Badminton, Throwball, Soft Tennis are played. Children are also trained to play Table Tennis, Boxing, Skating and Athletics. The College participates in various state-level competitions. The college Cricket Team has acquitted creditably in cricket competitions.

Transport The college transport system provides access to most part of Lucknow within the shortest time.

Examination Performance of our students in the Board examination has been remarkable. The students are offered full stage of support and guidance including professional counseling service.

Scholarship To encourage students to maintain their good academic performance the college awards scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to those students who excel in academics and possess special talents.